Georgia Vacation

 This is a project I did for my Web Design Class, thought I'd share it with y'all.
Every summer I get a chance to see my family from Georgia, either they come out to see us, or we go down to Georgia. I absolutely love Georgia and the South. I love the weather, and it’s so beautiful down there. This is a little bit about what I like to do down in Georgia.


Favorite Places to go in Georgia

The Georgia Aquarium

I love aquariums. I always try to visit this one while I’m in Georgia. It’s definitely one of my favorite aquariums, (although my favorite aquarium is the Salt Lake Aquarium because I love the macaws in the South America section.) My favorite part of this aquarium is the penguins. I love penguins and the ones here are adorable. More info about the Georgia Aquarium here.

Stone Mountain
I absolutely love going to Stone Mountain. I am a history buff, and love all the history about it. I also love the amusement park there, the ropes courses are my favorite, I usually do at least two. I also love the laser show they do during the summer. I really like firework shows, but the laser show they do on the mountain is amazing. If you’re there during the summer, go see the laser show!

The Georgia Malls

I love to shop at the Georgia Malls! I love shopping in general, and having two malls that are big and full of my favorite stores is amazing. I save so much money during the year for this shopping spree. I also loving attending Medieval Times at one of the malls. A great dinner, watching a medieval joust, is really fun, especially after a long day of shopping.


I am a city girl, so leaving my small town home to go down to Georgia is always fun. My family lives in a small town, right outside of Atlanta, called Buford. To get there we have to drive through the city. I love looking at all the lights and skyscrapers as we drive through. We always go swimming at my family’s neighbors pool while we’re down there. I also love eating boiled peanuts, and a beautiful fresh Georgia watermelon. But the best part is seeing my family that I don’t usually get to see.


Random facts about Georgia:

  • Georgia is the largest side, east side of the Mississippi River
  • Georgia was the 4th state to join the Union in 1776, and 5th to join the Confederacy in 1861
  • Georgia is named for King George II from england
  • Stone Mountain is one of the largest single masses of granite in the world
  • Georgia is known as the Peach State, but it’s also the country’s top producer of pecans, peanuts, and vidalia onions
  • Live shrimp can be found at the top of Stone Mountain
  • Cumberland Island, Georgia, is inhabited by wild horses
  • The headquarter of Coca-Cola is in Atlanta
  • Carrying ice cream in your back pocket on Sundays is against the law
  • Georgia was the first state to allow 18-year-olds to vote




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