Mom, you were always there

A tribute to my mom 🙂 She is always there for me, and I couldn't do anything without her, her love, and her support. Thank you Mom, this is for you.


Mom, mommy, mother, my madre. I call you by all of these names. I sometimes spout them out over and over trying to get your attention, but instead you block out the constant call. You come to me, you run to me, it doesn’t take a thousand calls. You are always there for me. You call me once, and I don’t listen, you call me twice, and I finally come. You are patient and don’t spout as I do, knowing that I won’t listen to the constant draw. As many times as I say your name, you think I’d have worn it out, but the times you hear it make it stronger. Making your name a bond. I should learn to listen to you better, your advice was always right. I should learn to be more patient, I should only need to say your name twice.

You have always been there for me, teaching me right from wrong. You know I’m stubborn, and I won’t listen, but you try to teach me nonetheless. It takes some time, but I look back, at all the times you tried to set me right. Instead I pushed through ignoring your advice. As I look back, I finally take it, hoping to relieve the pain I caused myself. You have always tried to prevent it, but I always let pain come. You were there when I was crying, even though you didn’t know why. You never asked why, you just let me cry. You knew I’d tell you when you needed to know what I was going through. You were there when I was crying, even though I didn’t know why. You taught me and you helped me through the tears that came without, or because of, my choice.

You always supported me, keeping me up when I just wanted to go down. Countless hours just to help me, though I just looked right through them. You made stuff work out, you keep it going. Supported me in what was right. You forever have supported me, in what you know is right.

You cooked, you cleaned, you folded laundry, you taught me what it is to be “mom”. You made me realize the best calling, and how I one day want it to be mine. You kept me up when I was falling. You parented my siblings and let me see, the countless hours behind the scenes that it takes, even for me.

I will never know all you’ve done for me. I probably will never see, how much it took to raise the wild, rebellious, special me. I know I never made it easy, I probably always made it worse. I am probably the hardest child, that you ever had to raise. I was mean, I was ungrateful, and took for granted all you gave.  I will probably never see the unconditional love it must have taken to always have to deal with me.

I’m sorry I never tried to make things easier, how I was always focused on me. But Mom, believe me when I say this, I only loved you, and will love you , the whole way.



4 thoughts on “Mom, you were always there

  1. Kalli Leukhardt May 14, 2018 — 8:40 pm

    Love you and our mom! Nice tribute! We do have a great Mom.

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  2. This is such a special post which I am sure many will relate to. Very touching.
    I also did a tribute to my mum…in case you want to read:

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    1. Glad it touched you. Yours is also extremely touching!

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  3. Thought for change May 14, 2018 — 2:52 am

    A nice tribute to Mom

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