Hamilton, Our Story

Recently the Broadway musical “Hamilton” came to Salt Lake City. A bunch of my friends (including @justemmamoon) were able to acquire tickets and go see it. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, I didn’t get a chance to go.


I have loved Hamilton since the beginning. He has been my favorite founding father since I was a 5th grader. When the musical came out, I heard a bit about it, and was interested.

Then my family took a trip to Georgia. My aunt and cousin there are obsessed with Hamilton. They were the ones who really introduced it to me. We listened to the soundtrack daily the week we were there. I got home, bought the soundtrack, downloaded it to all my devices, and burnt a Hamilton CD. I listen to it Non-Stop, until I had the whole thing memorized and could rap “Guns and Ships” at 2X speed.

During the memorizing process, my history teacher announced that the honors classes would be participating in National History Day (NHD). The theme was “Taking a Stand in History”, and I had no idea what to do this giant project on. That weekend my friend’s took me to see the movie “Race” which was about the story of Jesse Owens, so I decided to do that. But, while I was supposed to be researching Owens, I was fact checking every little fact in Hamilton. Then it hit me, I am doing all the personal research on Alexander Hamilton, I should be doing my project on him. So I went up to my teacher and requested a proposal change, he laughed and said, “You’re changing to Hamilton right?”. Changed to Hamilton I did, my new proposal was accepted and I immediately went to work. The next few months of my life were consumed with Hamilton. Whether doing research for my project, reading Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton”, listening to the music, or fan-girling over the cast, my life was Hamilton and only Hamilton.

My friends, without even listening to Hamilton, decided they hated it, so I lived a life of either thinking about Hamilton, and not letting my friends know I was, so I didn’t die, or singing Hamilton at the top of my lungs. (Eventually one of my friends listened to it, fell in love with it, and just got to see it.)


Skip ahead a few months, and it’s regional competition day. My presentation went really well, and I took first in my division, which meant I got to go to the state competition level(!). I didn’t place at state, but I think I did extremely well and was proud of my project.


I joke that I know more about Hamilton than anyone, because I have read just about every single biography possible, and know everything about the musical. I own “Hamilton:the Revolution” By Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of the musical “Hamilton”), and three other Hamilton books (which is a lot, because I don’t tend to buy books).


So you can see how put out I was that I didn’t get to go see “Hamilton” while it was relatively close to me. I was glad that some of my friends were able to see it, but I’m still sad I wasn’t in the Room Where it Happened.


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