Bloggers, how and why we write

I love reading others blogs. As I read though, I sometimes wonder what motivates these bloggers, so I decided to reach out to some of my blogger friends and favorite blogs asking if they would be willing to participate in an interview post. To those who responded, I sent a list of questions out. This is a post made to inspire, encourage, and let the blogging community know more about other blogs and bloggers. The blogs contributing on this post are:

I encourage you all to go check out their blogs and follow them, they are amazing bloggers and writers!

This is a part one post, I plan on doing a part two with the same questions and different bloggers. I also think it would be fun to do more interviews with other questions. Contact me if this is something you are interested in participating in!


  1. What encouraged you to start a blog?
    • Taylor: “My love of writing, and the fact that I wanted to be able to write articles about different topics.”
    • Nicholas: “My love towards business, writing, and educational values in personal financing.”
    • Roohi: “I am a creative person and I enjoy doing things like writing, poetry, crafting and photography, all of which make good material for a blog. So I thought I should start a blog to have a platform to showcase and improve my skills.”
    • [Emma’s Input: I think it’s wonderful that people post because of a love, a passion. They are able to share that and make it stronger.]
  2. What kind of content do you post?
    • Taylor: “I post many things, focusing a lot on literature and writing.”
    • Nicholas: “Primarily about Finances.”
    • Kathryn: “I write about classical music! Anything from music history to specific composers to an analysis of certain pieces. I also talk about my original compositions.”
    • Kevin: “The blog started out of interest to tell true human stories. Stories that were meant to inspire and change the way people think and act…. I knew these stories had to be told, but I wasn’t the one to tell the stories. I knew the people themselves needed to tell their stories. I knew when they truthfully told the experiences of who they are nothing would be better for themselves or others who may read them.
    • Roohi: “Most of my posts are inspired by nature. I write about a variety of topics, from health benefits of power foods to outdoor activities like hiking. I also do crafting and intend to do DIY posts.  When I feel an idea can be better expressed in verse, I write it in the form of a poem.”
    • [Emma’s Input: I love all the different things people post about. Blogging brings so many different types of people together.]
  3. Why do you post?
    • Nicholas: “I write about things that not only interest me but can benefit others, that is why I post.”
    • Kevin: “I post my stories because I honestly love to tell stories and events, people love to be inspired and read and really learn about someone else’s life it’s why reality television stars are so big, people want to sort of live that life.”
    • Kathryn: ” I post because it’s fun and fulfilling for me. I love learning about music, and it’s fun for me to teach others about music.”
    • Roohi: “I post in order to express my thoughts, ideas and experiences which I feel like sharing with others. I also post content which I feel might be of interest or in any way benefit others. By posting regularly, I can create a successful blog that can benefit many people, including myself. “
    • [Emma’s Input: Posting is therapeutic for the reader and the writer]
  4. How does posting help you personally?
    • Taylor: “I enjoy being able to write my posts and then see what other people think of them.”
    • Nicholas: “It helps me do more research, self-reflection, and experience new things.”
    • Kathryn: “I learn so much about the music I write about, for one thing. Posting has helped me become a better writer, photographer, and advocate for the music I love. It has made me more confident in myself as a person.”
    • Kevin: “Personally, I don’t think there is anything better to me then sharing ‘ stories and sometimes pushing them to share what really made them and write something they wouldn’t have written normally so my readers and theirs can really see a different view of them, a view that connects you to them on a personal level.”
    • Roohi: “Posting is helping me immensely. It has improved my confidence in writing. I have to read a lot to write the posts, especially the ones on health benefits and I gain knowledge in the process. I read other people’s blogs and that increases my knowledge too. I have to create quality content so I try to improve all my skills, from writing to photography, so posting does help a lot in personal development.”
  5. What advice would you give to other bloggers?SELRES_c0463d19-312d-4f05-86f1-5ae7b392b91c
    • Taylor: “It’s rough at first, but it will hopefully get better.”
    • Nicholas: “Never give up and always think things through before you start one up, make a plan.”
    • Kathryn: “Two things: 1. Don’t give up! Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration, and sometimes – especially when you’re just starting out – you don’t get a lot of feedback or views. But keep pushing, keep writing. Eventually, it will pay off and you will grow as a person. 2. Write about what you are passionate about! This allows you to draw on your own knowledge and emotions for inspiration, and your readers can tell when you love what you post. They relate to you so much more when you are passionate about your subject material.”
    • Kevin: “Do not watch the numbers…Writing for the numbers is the most discouraging thing I have experienced and others will too. If you start to write for the views in the beginning, it becomes discouraging and you start to write things that aren’t your style and you become blended in with everyone else so your numbers definitely will not grow that way. The second part of that is to truly be involved with the viewers you have so create an awesome social media account and interact, you like a blogger go to their social media and interact with them or their followers, they will likely end up following you because you have then joined this community of blogging, honestly just be you and never stop creating.
    • Roohi: “They should try to produce quality content, read a lot, improve their skills and write consistently, even if it is just one or two posts per week or per month. They should work with persistence and should not give up, blogging needs patience and hard work, and they should stick to it as it has multiple benefits and will pay off in the long run.
  6. What is your most popular post? Why do you think this was a more popular post?SELRES_c0463d19-312d-4f05-86f1-5ae7b392b91c
    • Taylor: Back to The Future’s Future VS Reality “It is an interesting pop cultural topic that piques peoples curiosity.”
    • Nicholas: Fast Food: the destroyer of Health and Money ” I belive it is because it has good facts in it but it appeals to saving money and increasing people’s health and that is an important value to people. Also the picture is eye-catching.”
    • Kathryn: “Romeo and Juliet” According to Prokofiev “It’s popular because many people do a google search wanting to know about this particular ballet, probably because the music is so beautiful!”
    • Kevin: Harley S. A Story of a Marine. ” My most successful piece was with an old high school friend of mine. Who had joined the Marines after high school…I think it did so well because it was a view from his eyes. I think people really wanted to see what it was like to be in his shoes and how they could fit or thrive in that role and it became highly read.”
    • Roohi: How to write your first blog post “I think “how to” posts attract more attention, and with so many new bloggers and ‘to be’ bloggers looking for ways to start a blog, this might be have been an interesting post.”
  7. Where do you expect your blog to go? SELRES_c0463d19-312d-4f05-86f1-5ae7b392b91c
    • Taylor: “Honestly, no where, but hopefully just a fun place I can post my thoughts and random writing.”
    • Nicholas: “I see it going places after some proper time on it and affiliation with other blogs to increase SEO.”
    • Kathryn: “I honestly don’t know! I first started blogging because it was something fun for me; it was a different way for me to be creative. I didn’t get very much support at first. Since then, I have developed a community of readers, helped countless individuals seeking knowledge about classical music, and learned so much about myself and about classical music. I hope to continue inspiring people around the world – musicians and non-musicians alike – and instilling a love of music in everyone.”
    • Kevin: “My blog has really turned from just inspiring content into stories of all kinds. Now more than ever I am working with bloggers who are telling their stories, the stories their readers don’t know and can get to know them better and it has easily translated into telling the stories of small businesses. I get to promote and do what I love in marketing along with storytelling to help give this edge of personal connection to their customers so they know this is the person and business I really want to work with.”
    • Roohi: “I started blogging only about three months ago and with so much new stuff coming up on the internet every day, there are many things to learn along the way. I intend to get a larger audience to read my posts. It is a good way to reach out to the world, showcase your creativity, express your thought and ideas on a platform shaped and molded by your own self. I might monetize my blog but within the realms of my ideas and ideals. I might also jump into e-commerce and my blog can help me immensely.”
  8. Who’s your favorite blogger? SELRES_c0463d19-312d-4f05-86f1-5ae7b392b91c
    • Nicholas: Problogger is my favorite blog, all the writers on it.”
    • Kevin: “I don’t have any favorite blogger and for me, I don’t see how anybody can have just one, because when you hop into this community you meet so many amazing people, and writers and storytellers and sometimes entertainers who all offer something completely different. You can see on any of my social media that i follow may more people than follow me. I like to see all the different kinds of content, and its something I hope others do as well don’t limit your self to a category always grow.”
  9. What inspires your posts? SELRES_c0463d19-312d-4f05-86f1-5ae7b392b91c
    • Nicholas: “My love to helping people and Financial education”
    • Kathryn: “Music of all kinds! Music that I play, music that I write, music that I listen to, music that others introduce me to, and the desire to become a better musician and writer all inspires my posts.”
    • Roohi: “Most of my posts are inspired by nature. Later on, I might expand and touch some other issues but at present, I blog around the nature theme.”

That’s all folks! All these amazing writers and bloggers, sharing their stories and blogs. While I was formatting this post (the coding was intense), I had to go over their answers to my questions over and over and over again, while I was reading and rereading them, I thought it was so incredible how their blogs, their drive, their passions, could be so different, yet so similar. Blogging truly is an art that can connect people world-wide. I want to send a thank you to everyone who participated in this post, and to the entire blogging community, thank you for everything you do, keep writing!

If you enjoyed this post remember to like and share! Feel free to answer any of the questions in the comments! Let me know if you’d like more interview post! Thanks 🙂



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