Six things I do when I am feeling down, sad, lonely, or depressed.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago, Depression is Real and HARD, about my depression and depression in general. This post is the second in my Depression series, about how I cope with negative feelings.

[Look for posts coming soon about some of these bullet points]


  1. Treat myselfI buy myself a nice lunch (J.J.BLT from Jimmy John’s, delivered to my door, less lettuce, extra bacon 😉 ), paint my nails, soak in a bath with a bath bomb, etc.   jjblt
  2. Music I listen to my favorite songs, practice piano and violin, sing random songs I make up about how I’m feeling, or just blast Broadway and sing along, music helps me feel happier. music.png
  3. Work out- I work out better when I am feeling down feelings because I want to get all my feelings out, so I work till I am numb. Whether I am doing Zumba, yoga, rock-climbing, or doing random activities with my younger siblings (when went to a trampoline park the other day, and did work outs, it was hilarious, management probably thought we were crazy), I just need a way to let myself
  4. Read- I love books and reading. When I am having a bad day, I love to escape to a fantasy world and live in someone else’s head, that’s not my own. I also love non-fiction and history books, where I can again, just
  5. Talk- I used to never talk about my feelings, especially negative ones, but once I started it helped so much that I always try to find someone to talk or text about it to. Whether it’s my sister, my friend group, or most especially my theatre friends (shout out to my fellow bridesmaids, thanks for listening), it helps me cope better when I know someone else cares, is listening, or has gone through similar
  6. Hand-Letter- I tried hand-lettering once, and I loved it. I like to hand-letter when I’m down because 1: I can get the words in my head out, and 2: It is super relaxing.try

These are just six of my coping methods, thanks for reading! Comment down below on what you do when you’re feeling down, and don’t forget to like, share, and follow!



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