Treat Yourself, you deserve it!

Last week I wrote a post about 6 thing I do when I am feeling negative. I wanted to do a post with a bit more about what I do with each of those.

This is #1: Treating Yourself


Treating yourself is really important, it helps you remember that you are important and special too. Giving yourself attention, especially when you are feeling down, is helpful.

When I decide to treat myself the most important thing is getting good food. I love Jimmy John’s probably more than any other food. If I know I am treating myself, it wouldn’t be right without a J.J.BLT (less lettuce, more bacon 😉 ). I like Jimmy John’s because they deliver, it’s healthy, tastes really good, and bacon.

jjbltWhat is more relaxing than laying down in a steaming bath, with a good book, relaxing music, and a fizzing bath bomb? My favorite bath bomb is the “Hugo Naturals”, scented  Lavender and Vanilla. It smells so good, and dyes the water a pretty lavender. I will soak for hours, just enjoying myself and some beautiful alone time.bombI love to shop. I hate spending money, but I absolutely love shopping (I don’t know how it works like that, but it does). I have a savings account set aside, where I deposit money randomly, along with 5% of my pay. When I need to treat myself, I get a couple friends together, go to the mall and drain those savings. We love to try on prom dresses every time we go, no matter what time of year, if we are planning on going to go or not, and usually never buy a dress, we just like to try them on 🙂 . My favorite stores are JCPenny and Old Navy, because they have cute clothes that aren’t to expensive, so I can get more stuff.


I usually hate painting my nails, especially since I have to keep them short for orchestra and cheer, but when I’m treating myself, I paint the nails, no matter how short they are! I like to paint them gold (one of my favorite colors) because it matches more of my clothes and jewelry, so I don’t have to remove it after one day.

nail.jpgI love to read, and when treating myself, I take a good couple of hours to read my fiction books, and get my head out of the world for a while.  I am currently reading “Love & War” (2nd Alex & Eliza) by Melissa de la Cruz, and “Glass Sword” (2nd Red Queen) by Victoria Aveyard. (Look for my post on my favorite books coming soon!)

love and war.jpg


This is how I treat myself, I would love to hear how you all treat yourself, so be sure to comment down below! If you enjoyed this post and would like more like it make sure to like. And if you aren’t already following, feel free to hit the follow button! 🙂





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