School is OUT!!

It has been a LONG year, and I am so glad it’s finally over! I just wish I was graduating already. I am so glad I decided to graduate early, if I had to do 4 years of high school I would probably die, 3 is already a lot. Anyway, this year is over! It has been a roller coaster, but it’s been worth it.


I got great end of the year photos this year! They turned out really well, and I want to show them off 🙂

Last(ish) day

My last day of school was a mess. We only had 30 minute classes, but that didn’t stop me from making a mess of everything! My first hour was fine, we just watched Lion King. In my second hour, I had to give a presentation on a comparative study of two countries (I did Chad 🇹🇩 and Peru 🇵🇪). My third hour teacher wasn’t taking roll so I went to orchestra to get one of my friends to sign my yearbook. I stayed in orchestra for my fourth hour after, so it was my longest classes. Fifth and sixth hour passes uneventfully, until, with fifteen minutes of school left, we had a fire drill. As we were impatiently waiting, I realized I had left a piece of pottery I did in the building. I knew it was in my 4th or 5th hour, but I also knew both rooms were locked by now. So the second I was able I got back into the school looking for an administrator to unlock the door for me. We went to the orchestra room first, but it wasn’t there, so hiked across the entire school to get to my Algebra II class, where I found it. Relieved, and a bit annoyed I walked out to my car. When I got there I realized I didn’t go pick up my sister. She usually rides the bus from the Jr. High to the High School, I pick her up and we walk to my car. I text her to just come to the car. Since I was waiting I decided to go talk to the counselor about summer classes, because I had a dual credit class that I was interested in taking this summer but wasn’t sure if it was still available. We talked for a few minutes about that. By then it’s 20 minutes after school got out. What a great way to start summer.

To celebrate summer, during our last full day of school, our friends mom bought our entire friend group food! There is nothing a teenager likes more than free food (Thanks Hilton Family!!! Shout out to y’all!!!). Then, on the last day of school, since it was a half day, my sister, her friend, and I went to an LDS temple, and got ice cream. And what better way to end the eventful last day of school then to babysit for five hours after!

I am so glad school’s out and I am ready for a fantastic summer, I do have to work, but I am excited to not have school anymore! Like, comment, and follow if you LOVE summer and are so glad for the nice weather, or if you don’t! Don’t forget to follow the blog! 🙂 


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