Music, a “Non-Stop” Journey

If you got one or both of the references that I put in the title, you have a great taste in music :)

musicMusic is a beautiful part of life, that I couldn’t live without. As a musician music is a daily part of my life. Whether I am listening to, playing, or composing, there is always music with me. I have a weird taste in music, and the artists I like would probably hate each other but it’s all good! This post will cover my favorite music, and what music has done for me.

First, my all-time favorite album….Hamilton: An American Musical


I LOVE Hamilton, if you’ve read my post “Hamilton, Our Story” you’ll know that I went through a Hamilton obsession. Whether I am playing Hamilton out of my Hamilton songbook on the piano, or listening to it, there is always some Lin-Manuel Miranda going on in my head. If you haven’t heard of Hamilton, it is a Broadway musical, written by the genius Lin-Manuel Miranda, about the life of one of America’s most under-appreciated founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The album consists of rap, hip-hop, R&B, and much more. If you haven’t listened to it before, check it out! My favorite Hamilton song is a tie between “Guns and Ships” and “Wait for It”, but I love the whole album!


My favorite time period…..70’s and early 80’s david

From LMM to David Bowie, quite a difference, yet I love both. I love 70’s music, David Bowie, ABBA, Journey, Toto, and Queen, just to name a few.

  • My favorite David Bowie song is from the Labyrinth Soundtrack (an amazing Jim Henson film): Within You.
  • My favorite ABBA song: Dancing Queen (or maybe Super Trouper)
  • My favorite Journey song: Don’t Stop Believing
  • My favorite Toto song: Rosanna (Africa is 2nd)
  • My favorite Queen songs: Bohemian Rhapsody, Under Pressure, Killer Queen, Somebody to Love, Another One Bites the Dust….(All of them. Queen is just my favorite.)queen

My favorite genre…..Cinematic 


I love cinematic music, whether it Greatest Showman or Pirates of the Caribbean, I love the dramatic music and the sing-along music. My favorite cinematic soundtracks are (not necessarily in this order) :

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Mission Impossible
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Star Wars
  • Greatest Showman
  • Labyrinth
  • High School Musical
  • Les Miserables
  • Harry Potter


Broadway….. Broadway


I love Broadway so much, it would take a year to talk about it. Broadway musicals are just my favorite. This is just a short, condensed, abridged, list of my favorite Broadways, and my favorite song in each musical. (Again, in no particular order)

  • Hamilton (“Guns and Ship” and “Wait For It”)
  • Les Miserables (“One More Day” is my power song)
  • Wicked (“For Good” I cry every single time)
  • Phantom of the Opera (“All I Ask of You” is literally the key to my heart)
  • Grease (“Summer Nights” ripped at the seams….)
  • Jekyll and Hyde (“This is the Moment” when I just sing)
  • In the Heights (“Carnaval del Barrio”)
  • Rent (525,600 minutes, “Seasons of Love”)
  • Cats (“Memory” all alone in the moon light)
  • Newsies (Probably “Santa Fe”, but I don’t like picking just one)
  • Beauty and the Beast (“If I Can’t Love Her” kills me every time)
  • Into the Woods (“Your Fault” I love patter songs)
  • Mamma Mia (“Mamma Mia” here I come again)
  • And ok, I’d better stop now before I name literally every Broadway ever

My favorite new artist…..“Climbing Season”

Read more about this creative new artist on my post I have found the best music ever! I really enjoy this artist so please go check Climbing Season out!

Shout Out…..“Ruddigore”

Our Ghosts, torturing poor Sir Ruthven (my dad played the lead Robin/Sir Ruthven, which was super awesome. I loved being in a play with him.)

This couldn’t be MY music post unless I put a shout out to Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Ruddigore“. I got a chance to be a professional bridesmaid in this hilarious play, and loved every minute of it! I made so many friends, and had a ton of fun. I memorized every song, and just about every line, but that really doesn’t matter. I love this musical a lot, so it needs a special place on this post.

photo 3
Me as a professional bridesmaid in “Ruddigore”. I love that I made that face on stage so much.

This is my playlist of random songs, if you haven’t heard some of them (or any of them) check them out and comment what you think below! If you like any of these songs be sure to like! And if you aren’t following me yet click the button down below! Thanks! 🙂  


3 thoughts on “Music, a “Non-Stop” Journey

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  2. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean “He’s a Pirate” song!

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    1. That one is one of my favorites! Hans Zimmer did a good job with that soundtrack.

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