Incredibles II Review

(Spoiler Alert! I strongly suggest that you do not read unless you have seen the movie)

I wasn’t planning on doing this post for awhile. I walked into the theatre thinking I’d write it but wouldn’t post it for a while. But it was so good, here it is.

I grew up watching and loving the Incredibles. It was my childhood. When I heard about Incredibles II, I have to admit I was really nervous. Sequels aren’t usually very good, and I don’t usually like them. But since there was 14 years in between Incredibles I and II, I believed it could have a chance. I walked in knowing I would either love it or hate it. Thankfully, I loved it! It was a very cute movie. Here’s my short review;

  • The rising action–The best part!
  • Leading up to the climax (where ElastaGirl gets “ScreenSlaver”)–suspenseful, it got a jump out of me.
  • The climax (Eveline is ScreenSlaver) –Predictable
  • The falling action–Ok, but could have been better.

Here’s my longer review:

I loved this movie a lot more than I was expecting. It was so cute and funny. Basically every scene with JackJack and Mr. Incredible learning to be a parent made me laugh out loud. There were times when I was probably the only person laughing. I found it hilarious. JackJack mistaking the Raccoon for a robber, Edna babysitting JackJack, Mr. Incredible not understanding math, it was all so funny! I liked how the movie picked up from end of the first Incredibles.

But Eveline being ScreenSlaver, yeah that was predictable. She was techy, she was friendly, she had the two second debate with her brother in the beginning, the crimes were all to perfectly going along with their schedule, it was much of a surprise when she put the mask on ElastaGirl.

I wasn’t to in love with the new characters too. I know they were supposed to be kind of weird, but I think it would have been better if they had amazing powers, but portrayed them horribly. I had greater hopes for Void when I came in, and left a bit disappointed. Why make such a big deal out of her, then let her never do really anything. Then again, I am glad the new characters didn’t attempt to upstage the old ones. That would have been horrid.

The best part though, was my all time favorite character. Frozone’s wife. Her lines in the original were honestly the best part, and I loved her lines in this one too! Honey is amazing! Pixar, don’t you ever give her a face, she is perfect the way she is.

Overall rating: Go see it, go buy it, this movie was good!


3 thoughts on “Incredibles II Review

  1. I really liked it, too! O was super disappointed in the curse words, though. That’s really sad that they would put those in a movie where they know kids will be watching.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know 😞 Why put those words in their head so early?

      Liked by 1 person

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