My favorite Holiday and Family Reunion 2018

The United States of America’s Independence Day (or the Fourth of July, commonly referred to as the Fourth) is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love it.

I love the summer vibe of the Fourth, flip-flops, tank tops, BBQ, it just really makes summer, summer. It’s so fun to wear the red white and blue, and feel all summery and cute. The vibe is so unique and fun. I also love all the people, seeing so many friends, neighbors, and the community dressing up to celebrate the holiday.

After eating and playing games with family and friends, as the sun goes down, glow sticks are broken, and everyone gets wrapped up in blankets, the annual firework show is spectacular. I love fireworks. When I was younger, the nights leading up to the Fourth, I would sit by my bedroom window and watch our neighbors fireworks go off. While my siblings could sleep to the noise, I couldn’t sleep because of the excitement. I love firework shows. The beautiful breathtaking lights in the air. Explosions correlated to music. It is all so magical.

But I love this holiday for more than just fireworks and food. I love the reason we celebrate, America’s independence. I am a huge history buff, and Colonial American history is my favorite. I love learning about a group of rag tag Americans who wanted to change the world. These early Americans gave everything to this cause. At the beginning people laughed at them, but they persevered until people were begging to join them. The worked hard, and though it was thought impossible, the were able to achieve the freedom that they desired. Strong men like George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and so many others were able to create a nation.

I have a deep love and respect for my country. I love our history, our founders, our beliefs. We have a constitution and an unbelievable system of government, that works together to keep us free. I love America, and the Fourth to me is a reminder of my love for the country, and the love our founding fathers had.

Little did I knew when I wrote this that it would become a prop in a majority of the pictures taken

Leukhardt Family Reunion 2018, was a beautiful experience. We went to a cabin in the woods as a family, and were stuck inside the whole time because of huge rain storms, but it was as a family. My grandparents were the first to arrive, with my family following. I had already seen my grandparents that day, so lucky there wasn’t to much tears yet. We unloaded the cars and got everything ready before my dad’s brother’s and sister’s family arrived. While we were unpacking there was quite a number of things we wish we had, so we sent about a million texts to my dad who would be coming up later due to a work meeting. When my aunt and her family arrived, I was crying. I had not seen them in over a year, and I hadn’t seen her oldest in over 3 years due to him serving an LDS mission (I am so proud of you Elder Tanner!). It was full of love, tears and hugs, before we took a tour of this beautiful cabin.

Me, crying

My uncles family was last to the party. But it was still a sweet reunion. It has been over 5 years since all of our family has been together, and I was bawling a lot. It was a lovely experience. (Shout out to my self, for beating my parents, aunts, and uncles, in the card game Nickel Up 😂). I loved being able to be with my family. Listening to the music we all made, singing songs at the top of our lungs, putting on performances, and just spending time together.

The oldest four granddaughters. I am the one on the far right, the oldest granddaughter.
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  1. Looks like so much fun! My small town I live in always has an amazing fireworks show that people come to from all over the state. That’s definitely a fun tradition I look forward to each year!

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