I have art skills? What is this?

My mother got her degree in art. She teaches art at the charter school my siblings go to and a local craft store. She is super crafty and good at all forms of visual art. I on the other hand. DO NOT. I hand-letter and that’s about as good as it got. She has always tried to get me to be more into sketching and painting. I wish I could do it better, and would do it sometimes with her, but I was not good at it at all.

She made me this costume for Halloween a long time ago, by hand. The dress, the gloves, everything, all made by my mother.

Sooner than later all her pressure of making me an artist, turned me off. I didn’t want to paint or draw or do art. She continued to buy me art supplies for Christmas, but I didn’t really feel like doing it.

She then started creating a new art portfolio, and was making some incredible paintings. They looked so cool I decided to try painting again. I painted a dragon, and with my mom’s help, it looked really good and I was proud of it. But it was still more her skills than mine.

A few weeks ago I had a beautiful image of a wave, with the words “Peace be Still: on it. It was an amazing image, and I really wanted to try to paint it. I sat down, pulled out a canvas, and immediately got discourages, because I no joke really do suck at stuff like this. But I knew I needed to try. I sketched the outline of the wave, and it looked okay so I started painting. The color blend I came up with for the water was exactly as I imagined, then I saw one of those black foam brushes, and sponged the wet paint to make it loo ore like water. As I was looking at it, it looked more like a peak of blue water then a wave, so I dipped my finger in white paint, and dabbed it over the top of the wave, and it worked! It looked like a wave!

The sky was a bit harder, it took three tries to get even close to the color I wanted, I brushed it on, and it looked fine. To make the clouds, I again dipped my finger in paint and smeared it on the sky. The hand-lettering part was easy, that’s my thing.

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The final project was almost exactly as I imagined! I have never had a solo project turn out so well! I was really proud of it. I made it as a gift for my Seminary teacher since he will be transferring to a different school next year, so I am glad it looked good. He has taught me a lot, and I am grateful to have had him this year.

That project went so well I decided to paint something for my orchestra teacher who is retiring this year. I again sponged a background on, then painted a cello on it, with a music quote. img_3501

So out of nowhere, I suddenly can paint! let’s hope my art skills don’t die, because it has been super fun to paint, and have them actually look good! I think my mom’s wish of me being more artistic is coming true, and I am not complaining!

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4 thoughts on “I have art skills? What is this?

  1. Your story gave me the motivation to start painting! I really love art and design stuff. I was painting in my art classes in middle school times but since then never tried painting again. I did many drawings and sketching, but painting came a bit more difficult than the others.
    Thank you for sharing your story, I will buy the accessories soon and start painting 🙂
    By the way, your paintings look really cool.

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    1. Thank you! I am glad to have motivated you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So pretty!! That dress is so amazing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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