Reading: My Favorite Escape

readReading has really gone out of style recently. Not very many people see the appeal of curling up with a good book. Despite this I love to read. It’s an escape from a hard  depressing world. Whether I am reading non-fiction and escaping into my own head, or fiction and escaping into the head of a character, I regularly escape reality with a good book.

This post will be much like my Music (insert link) post, discussing some of my favorite books.

My all time favorite series……The Lunar Chronicles

LunarI really like fairy-tales, but I absolutely LOVE fairy-tale retellings. When you add fairy-tale retelling + romance + sci-fi + young adult + war strategy = my favorite books ever. This series was recommended to me by my cousin in Georgia which just adds to my love of this beautiful story. She actually gave me the first three books in the series to take for the flight home (which I plan on giving back when I see her this summer, along with the fourth one 😉 ).  To summarize the first book, Cinder is the Cinderella of this tale. The modifications that saved her life after a car crash that killed her parents, turned her into a cyborg, and limited much of her freedom. With her adoptive father dead, and a cross step-mother looking for more income to raise her own two daughters, Cinder is sent to work in the market as a mechanic. Surprisingly for her young age, Cinder is the best mechanic in the country. One day her renown brings the prince Kai to her humble shop asking to fix his android. Cinder, in need of a new foot, readily accepts. She then goes to a junk yard with her droid Iko, and little step-sister Peony. This junkyard is where all her new troubles begin. I suggest these books to anyone looking for an adventure, a charming prince, a sassy droid, a disease threating to wipe out their population, and a new race of humans who live on the moon.

My favorite childhood author (who I still read)…..Brandon Mull

brandonThe Fablehaven series was the first real series that I read by myself. It took me about 6 months, I started the end of Kindergarten and finished early in my 1st grade year. I still really like this series and am reading it for the 6th (or maybe it’s 7th? 8th? I’ve lost count) time in anticipation for the second book in the sequel series DragonWatch. I also just finished Mull’s newest series, The Five Kingdoms, which was also extremely good. I read the first two books in the Beyonder’s trilogy, and need to find time to read the third. Mull also wrote the picture books Pingo, started the Spirit Animal series, and the Candy Shop War series (which I also enjoyed). If you haven’t read any of his books yet, I thoroughly suggest trying one!

My favorite books in my favorites of Mull’s series:

  • Fablehaven…..Grip of Shadow Plague
  • Beyonders……A World Without Heros
  • Five Kingdoms……Rouge Knight

My favorite non-fiction…..Alexander Hamilton

a ham bioIf you’ve read my post Hamilton, Our Story , you’ll know that I have done a lot of research on A. Hamilton. Out of all the non-fiction I’ve read, biographies are my favorite. Out of all the biographies I have read, Ron Chernow writes the best ones. Out of all of Ron Chernow’s biographies (see wher I am going with this? 🙂 ), Alexander Hamilton was my favorite. This isn’t just because of my love of A. Ham, but the way Chernow tells his story. Hamilton’s story is already a touching one, but Chernow paints such a beautiful picture, discusses topics, and gives us a window into a man, not an idol. I have read this massive book twice, and listened to all the many hours of the audio book, and still love it. I learn something new every time I read it.

My all-time favorite book ever…..Howl’s Moving Castle

I love this book so much. I can’t express it in words without being super cheesy. This books speaks to me, it touches me. I love the story, the characters, the characterization, the setting, everything about this book is wonderful. I relate so strongly to just about every. single. character. I love the movie as well.


There are very few times when I think the movie even come close to as good as the book, but if you asked me which I  liked more, the book or the movie, I couldn’t tell you. Though the stories are different and

unique, the Studio Ghibli recreation of this book is beautiful. I also love the music. I cry every time I hear the theme, The Merry-Go-Round of Life. It is absolutely beautiful and soul wrenching. If you haven’t heard it, you desperately need to. I’m learning to play it on the piano and I can’t begin to do it justice.

These are just a few of my favorites, if you like this post and want more of my favorite books, or suggestions, let me know! Remember to like, comment, share, and follow for more word vomits! Thanks! 🙂 


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