I love you more than I can mutter

A first in a series of poems. Inspired by Thoughts For Change, and all her lovely poetry.

Man I love you,

My littlest brother.

I love you more

Than I can mutter.

You make me laugh

You make me cry.

But I love you still,

You small fry.

You are so special,

So differently and cute,

You’re very creative,

And smart to boot.

You know you’re my favorite

And take my stuff you want,

You know I won’t look,

It’s not worth the hunt.

You’re laugh is my favorite,

So bubbly and sweet.

I want to make you laugh,

When you do it’s a treat.

I know sometimes I’m not the best,

But I’m learning how,

To be a good big sister,

And hopefully I’ll wow.

You love our sisters,

More than me,

But my love for you is there,

Strong as can be.

My love for you blinds me

You get away with to much,

I guess that’s why it’s doesn’t hurt,

When you throw a punch.

Brother I love you,

Forever I do,

I’m really hope,

You’ll forever love me too.


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