Met Gerald

I made the mistake of going shopping after getting a paycheck, granted I only spent $20 (go me!) but still, when saving for college that’s no good. But it’s time to met my surprise baby:Gerald!My new baby succulent cactus! He kind of looks like Shrek ears, but his name is Gerald because he reminded me more of an elephant trunk, and one of my favorite children books are “Piggie and Gerald”. So Gerald it was! And bonus, Gerald and his pot were both only a total of $4.46! Little did I know, by the end of the day Gerald got three new cousins, my sisters cactuses Juliet (JuJu) and Zelda, and my little brothers marigold Soggy(?) (he couldn’t afford the cactus so he bought a discount marigold, don’t know why he wanted to name it Soggy, but oh well)

Gerald is now two months old due to my delay in writing this post. Share, like, or comment if you’ve ever had a pet plant, or think Gerald is a cutie!


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