Jigsaw Puzzle- My Serenity

A short while ago I posted I have found the best music ever! A post about the artist Climbing Season and their two albums “Climbing Season” and “Good Pioneer” (Find links to YouTube at the end of this post, search Climbing Season to find them on Spotify and iTunes). In this post I briefly mentioned my favorite song at that moment was Jigsaw Puzzle. This song had remained my favorite song throughout learning all of Climbing Season’s songs. It may not always be the one stuck in my head, but it is my favorite.Jigsaw Puzzle is a beautiful song, different than most of Climbing Season’s works. Through the soft background, and beautiful chord work, Jigsaw Puzzle tells the story of fitting the pieces of your life together. Not only is this song beautiful, but it’s calming, reassuring, and clever.

Though my pieces aren’t all the same, they should fit together.

Jigsaw Puzzle is the song I listen to if I am feeling down. It always lifts me up. The message this song has is so amazing. Though life throws trials at you, which can chip and change you, if you are willing to hook the pieces together you will be able to see the whole picture. What’s going on now is just a piece in the puzzle, which when complete, is the most beautiful.

There so much better, make up a picture.

I can’t express how much this song has helped me through so much. I can’t do it justice through this post so please go listen to it, it will change your life.Link to YouTube:Jigsaw Puzzle


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