Personal Finance, it needs to be taught

This is different then what I usually write, but we had to write an essay on personal finance for English, so I decided to format it into a blog post as well.
Disclaimer: This was written as an argumentative essay, though read as to sway your opinion, your opinion is yours alone, and if you disagree, thank you for exercising your rights! Just don't be negative about my opinion.

High School, a Chance to Teach

Money is something everyone needs,

everyone wants, and everyone uses. There are people who know how to use money, how to manage money, how to budget, and check their credit score. There are also people who have no idea how to manage money and just spend it as they see fit. What makes the difference between these people? Personal finance. This skill needs to be ingrained throughout all of society. If personal finance isn’t taught to a group of people they can not function properly in society. High school is a time to learn about the real world and how to function in it. It is a time to prepare to be a high functioning adult in society. High school is a perfect time to brand the idea of personal finance into modern society. There are some people that argue that teaching personal finance in high school would distract from the basics and basic classes, in reality it would be beneficial to teach personal finance classes in high school because high school is a chance to learn, it is something everyone needs and will use, and it will set a good foundation for the future.

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To begin,

high school is a chance to learn. High school is where people are taught how to function in society and be independent. Teaching personal finance will help progress this. It is not yet necessary for students to have a firm grasp on personal finance, if we teach students before it is applicable, than it will set them up for success, and they will be able to use and maintain this skill for the entirety of their lives. In the article, “Should all High-Schoolers Take a Class in Personal Finance” it state, “The final year of high school is… a last opportunity” (Ashe & Madsen, 2). This means that if this opportunity is embraced, and things like personal finance is taught, than the high-schoolers will be more prepared to be adults.

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personal finance is something everyone needs and will use. Money is exchanged and handled every single day, and people need to learn how to handle it to not fall into a rut. In “Should all High-Schoolers Take a Class in Personal Finance” it shows a prime example of this, “young people in economically challenged areas are often unemployed or underemployed, they [are] at the mercy of loan sharks… [and those] who take advantage of people.”  (Ashe & Madsen, 3). This shows that if students are not taught personal finance they will fail. They will not be set up to do things that everyone needs to do, and does. If personal finance is taught than students will not have this problem.


It can be seen by an exclusive few,

that students aren’t learning enough of the “basics” in school to try to have to take classes like personal finance. They say that students are leaving high school without a baseline in certain areas like math or science. However, they are incorrect. High school is the time to build a foundation for the real world. While math and science classes are important, by their senior year, students have enough of a basic grasp of these concepts, and half of the students will not need a complex understanding of them for their careers. Personal finance on the other hand, will be applicable to every single student for the rest of their lives. As seen in the article, “Should all High-Schoolers Take a Class in Personal Finance”, a personal class will set the foundation students need. It states, “[Personal finance would be a] successful course [with] guidelines to impart financial basics to graduating seniors” (Ashe & Madsen, 2).  If we want the graduating seniors to have a foundation in finance, than we need to teach them. Students should at least have this option, if not being required to take it, to set them up for success.

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In the final analysis, personal finance should be taught in high school. Whether required or mandatory, high-schoolers would benefit from this skill because high school is a chance for students to learn these skills, it is something everyone needs and will use, and it will set a good foundation for the students’ future. A change needs to be sparked in high-schools around the globe, students need to be set up for success, let’s give them an opportunity by offering classes such as personal finance.


1 thought on “Personal Finance, it needs to be taught

  1. perpetualmoneymachineorg March 11, 2019 — 4:59 pm

    Have you ever noticed that most Americans live paycheck to paycheck? It doesn’t matter whether they make $25k or $250k. Still, there are people at every income level that have achieved great wealth and even financial independence. Obviously, income level doesn’t play a strong role in financial success. The difference is an understanding of personal finance. You are right on when you say that it needs to be taught. I can’t think of anything else I learned in school that has made as much difference in my life as the financial principles that could have been taught in as little as a week.


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