Web Design Projects

For my Web Design class this trimester, we were required to upload some of our projects to WordPress for our Final. Instead of creating a new site, I decided to upload them to my blog! The posts in this section are projects we have done this trimester, using HTML coding.

    1. Visit the first Web Design post, Georgia Vacation.

      This was a project where we learned about div blocks, and images for backgrounds. Other elements used: internal and external links, images, div blocks, font changes.

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    2. The second post I used for instructions of how to build a webpage, Who are we? A post on Identity.

      This post I used to create instructions to create certain elements on a web page. Elements used include: external link, picture as a background, div blocks with color border and text, and an email link.

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    3. The third project was a Design Your Own Website, which was required to have multiple pages, the ones I used were: Hamilton, Our Story, Sephora Hacks, The Greatest Showman: Reel vs. Real , and the About page.

      Elements used: title on browser, CSS external sheet linked to all pages, 3 pages with local link to each other, bookmark links, backgrounds, div blocks, lists, font changes, table, images, email link, and an external link.

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    4. The last web design project is my final, about different colleges. View it here: College Plans???

      Elements used: CSS Style Sheet, Menu tabs, link to an external site, images, image links, title on browser, local links, tables, picture as a background, and div codes.

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